Academic life

Since September 2014, I have been privileged to work as a teaching assistant at University Mediterranean in the Faculty of information technologies in Podgorica.

I assist on six courses:

Information technologies

First semestar.

Course objectives: acquisition of basic knowledge in the area of computer hardware, software and the Internet as crucial preconditions for further studying ICT and programming generally; understanding the importance of IT influence on society, its advantages and disadvantages; understanding the principles of mobile and wireless technologies whose development and implementation surpass the leading role in Information technology.

Technical knowledge: Microsoft Office package

Introduction to web technologies

Second semestar. 

Course objectives: This course discusses WWW architecture and technologies, as most used Internet service. Students are introduced to technologies for development of web applications on client and server sides and are acquirin basic knowledge in web applications. The other fields from the domain of web technology covered by this course are protocols, standards, server and client functionalities, security and methodologies of web design and development.

Technical knowledge: HTML5, CSS3, Joomla Content Managment System

Web technologies

Fourth semestar.

Course objective: Advanced client technologies for development of dynamic web applications. 

Technical knowledge: Javascript, PHP.

XML technologies

Fifth semestar.

Course objectives: Learning basic XML technologies. The acquisition of practical knowledge and skills related to the application of XML technology in software systems.

Software engineering

Fifth semestar.

Course objective: Gaining theoretical and practical knowledge about system request formalization according to user’s needs and about object-oriented system modeling applying UML diagrams and suitable techniques and tools.

Technical knowledge: UML modeling

User requirements gathering and analysis

Seventh semestar.

Course objectives: Introduction to the process of requirements gathering. Mastering the techniques of obtaining requirements and forms of requirements specifications and validation.

Papers in journals and scientific meetings of national importance: